About Us

About Infotrack

Infotrack was established in the year 1994 to achieve technological excellence and produce user-friendly high- end technology- based products and solutions.

Value Proposition

To Provide a high level of competence in technologies in our chosen segments to enable customer implementation in the shortest possible time and providing the best value for money.

Areas Of Specialization

Object Oriented Technology

  • Rational Rose and UML
  • Real Time Projects
  • Imposition Software
  • Object Oriented Business Frameworks
  • Electronic Imaging
  • Image Compression Toolkit

Predictive Analytics

  • KBANN, Supervised Learning,
  • Structured prediction, Associative discovery
  • High end statistical modeling
  • New age data
  • Implementation of Modern Data Architecture with Enterprise Apache Hadoop
  • Machine learning and Data mining
    Powerful Algorithms
  • Preprocessing Filters
  • Attribute selection
  •  Classification/Regression
  •  Clustering
  •  Association discovery
  •  Visualization
         Array of Regression models
  • Linear regression
  • Neural networks
  • Regression trees
  • Logistic
    Array of Classification models
  • Decision trees and rules
  • Bayesian and Naïve Bayes MLP
  •  Voted perceptron
  •  Neural networks and expert systems
  • Gaussian

Data Warehousing

  • OLAP Tools,
  • Neural networks based Data Mining Tools
  • Data marts and data warehouses

Telecommunication  and Real time Software

  • Protocol Stacks 
  • Mission-critical Real time Application
  •  Real-time Telecommunication Projects
  • Message Based Frameworks
  • Network management systems
  • Embedded systems