Contractor Workforce Management

  • Comprehensive Contractor details
  • Contractor details such as Work order details, Contract Extension etc
  • Contractor license details, Insurance detail, Contractor Bank details, Contractor PF detail, service tax registration, PAN card number
  • Black listing of Contractor and relevant alerts
  • Monthly Contractor Bill details. Multiple level of workflow can be created with maker checker.
  • Contractor PF Form 7,Contract PF Form 19,Contractor wise PF Challan, Contractor wise ESI Challan
  • Contractor upload
  • Contractor related reports and decision support
  • Facilitates communication with contractors via email, browser, mobile and paper communications
Employee Workforce Management Software

Joining & Exit Management

The system facilitates comprehensive Contingent workforce tracking and management. The system maintains comprehensive details such as Personal details, qualifications, Family details, Medical checkup details, Supervisor details, nature of the job, allocation etc. pertaining to the contingent

The system has document archiving facility and provides document and photo uploads related to Contingent workforce. The system also provides duplicate checks based on name, Aadhar card, ESI number, etc.

The system has comprehensive Contingent workforce Exit Process and caters to various exit types such as resignation, death, absconding scenarios, etc. The system has in-built reminders related to contract renewal and absconding
scenarios. The system also has provision for tracking the blacklisted employees.

The system also facilitates:
  • Joining Process
  • Re-Joining Process
  • Contract Renewal Process
  • Allocation Process
  • Category Change Process
  • Transfer Process
  • Tenure Extension Process
  • Bulk uploads
  • User friendly Dashboard
  • Decision support and Workforce Analytics

Browser based ESS and Kiosk

  • Contingent employee can check his attendance / absent details
  • Contingent employee can check his leave applied details
  • Contingent employee can check his overtime details
  • Contingent employee can check his wage related details
  • Pay slip printing for various categories of Workforce employee
  • Mutual shift change for Regular, casual, apprentice, category Workforce employee
  • Health management system view
  • Leave Information, Absent information, AWR and compensatory information, Leave balance, Leave apply
contingent workforce software

Leaves Management

  • Leave Maintenance
  • Leave cancellation
  • Configurable Leave Calendar
  • Different leave types for different Workforce categories and grades. Grade based Special offs, leaves, etc.
  • Leaves entitlement upload if required
  • Workforce Leave Request
  • Leave Approval Process – Leave Approval and Cancellation process as per location / geography along with SLAs and auto approvals as per requirements specified
  • Approval for Full or Partial leaves
  • Flexibility of rules related to Pre-fix, Suffix, intervening
  • Multiple types of leaves and eligibility as per location /
  • Loss of pay, Comp offs
  • Service based, days worked based leaves
  • Attendance and Leaves reconciliation
  • User friendly Dashboard

Performance Appraisal

  • Maintains and tracks information pertaining to the performance appraisals in an organization.
  • The system captures information related to eligibility criteria, appraisal groups or categories, multiple appraisal cycles, workflow driven performance appraisals process with electronic protection.
  • The system provides extensive and effective reporting functions that provide a snapshot of employee performance appraisal related information.
  • Define and maintain information related to Performance Appraisal Cycles, Performance Appraisal Eligibility, Performance Appraisal Group and Roles and Form Definition.
  • Wide range of reports for tracking the performance appraisals process and facilitates decision-making.
  • Some Salient reports are Appraisal analysis report, appraisal year wise cycle wise cutoff dates report, Role wise PMS report, Region wise rating pattern, Appraisal scale report, Grade group wise grades report, etc

Overtime Management

  • The OT application / request along with OT reason
  • OT approval
  • Contractor employee overtime can be approved by supervisor , section and department head
  • OT related decision support and analytics
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Wages Management

  • Rule-based Payroll processing
  • Definition of payroll structure for various categories of contingent employees.
  • Component-based payroll processing/Formula Generator
  • Linkage of presentence and absentness to Payroll/Attendance linked payroll (Optional) – Salary payable.
  • Pay Structures at various levels and categories
  • Provision for creating different pay structure within the same category. Contractor employee salary cut off dates
  • Contingent employee total working days in a month / total days payable computation
  • Contingent employee days payable upload (if required)
  • Contingent employee holidays given in a month
  • Contingent employee over time done in a month
  • Contingent employee attendance award gained in a month
  • Contingent employee Incentives upload
  • Salary Batch Process and Salary register.
  • Wide range of Salary related reports
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Contingent Workforce Management System

  • Higher efficiency with end-to-end Contingent Workforce Lifecycle Management
  • Empower employees with browser based kiosk employee self-service
  • Real-time compliance management, caters to policies and statutory compliances
  • Real-time Contingent Workforce and Manager Self-Service
  • Gain access anytime from anywhere with fully equipped Mobile App
  • Automated scheduled mailers as per requirement.
  • The ability to meet industry-specific requirements to help you reach your specific objectives for productivity, compliance, cost control, and employee engagement
  • Single sign on facility.
  • Ease of integration with existing ERPs.
contingent workforce management software
Contingent Workforce Management System

Stay Agile with Infotrack’s Workforce Management Software in UAE

Today’s dynamic business landscape demands a flexible approach to workforce management. Infotrack’s innovative HCM solution tackles this challenge head-on with our WFM module, a powerful workforce management system software in the UAE.

Optimize Your Contingent Workforce:

End-to-End Lifecycle Management: Our system streamlines the entire contingent workforce experience, from onboarding to offboarding, ensuring compliance and efficiency for temporary staff and contractors.

Real-Time Visibility and Control:

Contingent Workforce & Manager Self-Service: Gain instant access to workforce data and self-service tools anytime, anywhere, through our user-friendly mobile app. This fosters seamless collaboration within your team.

Automated Communication: Send automated and scheduled communications to keep everyone informed.

Streamlined Processes for Every Need: The CWMS tackles a wide range of workforce management tasks, including:

  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Overtime Management
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Exits and Offboarding
  • Wage Management

Performance Management Software Integration: Evaluate contingent worker performance seamlessly with our integrated performance management software.

Infotrack offers a complete suite of cutting-edge HRM software solutions beyond workforce management, including:

Payroll Management Solutions

Retirement Management Systems

These features make Infotrack’s WFM module the ideal employee workforce management software for businesses seeking:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Improved Cost Control
  • Boosted Employee Engagement
  • Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce

Contact Infotrack today to learn more about our Contingent Workforce Management System. Discover how our technology can help you achieve significant gains in key performance areas and empower your workforce for success.

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