People Dynamics Core Modules

People Dynamics
Employee Information

  • Exhaustive Employee details
  • Captures Employee code, Date of joining, Designation, Department, Reporting officer, etc.
  • System maintains Joining checklist
  • Qualification details, Competency details, Previous experience
  • Address details, Family and Nominee details, Photographs
  • Maintains designation history, transfer history, promotion history, employee Documents
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Transfers / Movements

Support for Transfers – Inter-company & Intra Company Transfers
  • Request for transfer by the employee
  • Transfer workflows / process automation
  • Employee SBU/ Department / group / Location / City transfer initiation
  • Transfer Management Desk
  • Transfer Checklist , Transfer Leave, Transfer policy, etc.
  • Updation of Reporting hierarchies / subordinates
  • Generation of Transfer Letters and other correspondence
  • Updation of Salary structure and P Tax if applicable
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People Dynamics
Separation Management

  • Exit Process Initiation by Intimation of Exit and Notice by the employee
  • Exit Reasons and Exit Interviews
  • Employee Exit Checklist Initiation
  • Clearance of the checklist
  • Issue of Relieving order and other Letters
  • De–activation of Employee Record
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • Exit Cancellation
  • Decision Support – Exit Scatter, etc.
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Configurable Attendance Policies

Based on Grade & Location combination. Define location specific rules for late coming, early going, buffer time, threshold time.

Shift Management

Define Multiple Shift like Flexible or Time Based, Assign as a one time Shift or Rotational. Auto shift detection available if the shift is not allocated.

Attendance Regularization with approvals

Including buffer timings, grace period, attendance rules related to late coming, early going, half-day, beyond the threshold.

Weekly –offs and Holidays

Set Different holidays and Week Off as per each location. Have Flexibility to define or override rules based on employee.

Comp-Off and Overtime Policy

Set different Overtime and Comp-Off policies.

Data Reconciliation and Bulk uploads

Multiple sources attendance data reconciliation – including biometric, flap barrier & swipe. Leave & Attendance Reconciliation, Bulk upload option

People Dynamics
On Boarding

  • Applicant/Candidate joining as Employee
  • Employee Master Creation
  • Employee joining Checklist Initiation – E Mails to SPOCs
  • Induction and Training for employees under probation
  • Probation / confirmation
  • Leaves creation
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HR Foundations

  • Masters impart flexibility, data consistency, one-point data entry and ease of analysis
  • Ease of maintenance and change
  • Support for multiple Employee Types, categories, grades and configurable designations
  • Dynamic Reporting Hierarchy
  • The high degree of flexibility by allowing the user to set up various features according to the needs of the organization.
  • Ease of configuration and facilitate the setup of logical and physical organization structure.
  • The setup defines the structure at the global level and also defines location-specific or business-specific structure and configuration.

People Dynamics
Leaves Management

  • Employee Leave Request
  • Leave Approval Process
  • Approval for Full or Partial leave
  • Employee Leave Cancellation
  • Leave and Attendance Reconciliation
  • Prefix, suffix leave, sandwich rules
  • Leave carry forward and Probation
  • Leave Calendar and Holiday Calendar
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Company Announcements

Get important announcements from the organization delivered straight to your dashboard.

HR Corner

HR Noticeboard For Key Update, this can be configured as per requirement.

Get Social

Wish your colleagues on the birthdays and work anniversaries.


Mood Surveys, to feel the employee pulse.

Thought of the day

Application, regularization and cancellation.

Employee Dipstick

Interactive Surveys for the employee.

Easy-To-Use Query Management System To Help Find Solutions To All Employee Problems

  • Internal HR Ticketing System
  • Issue Resolution & SLA Management
  • Role Based Query Assignment
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Team Shifts & Attendance

Manager can view employee attendance and shift details on a single screen. Reducing the hassle of managing individual entries.

Proxy Leaves

Lets your manager apply for leave on behalf of team members.
Manager can view and approve the entire team’s leaves on the go and in bulk.

Manage Team lifecycle

Manage employee processes such as confirmation of employment, transfer related updates and promotion procedures, Travel requests, Claims.


All team approvals in one place, with bulk approvals option. Smooth simplified
approval workflows

Team Information

Access, view team details and data.

People Dynamic Addon

Virtual Assistant

Meet your Digital Buddy with a human touch.

Geo – Tagging

Enable organizations to monitor & track employee’s attendance, logins & logouts at a work area remotely.

Mobile App

Enable modern businesses to enhance outcomes by adopting a mobile-first approach.

Intelligent Chatbot

Intuitively designed to improve employee productivity and efficiency, chatbot.

Other Optional Modules

Learning and
Rewards &
Online Survey
Payroll Suite
Talent Management Suite
Travel Management

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