Retirement Management Modules

PF Trust Management

  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • Investment Management
  • Loans & Withdrawals
  • Role / Rights
  • Reminders
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Bonus Interest Calculation
  • Member Interest Calculation
  • Membership Management
  • Import Bulk Transactions

Super Annuation Fund/SFT Management

  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • Investment Management
  • 1/3, 2/3 Commutation
  • LIC Annuity Tracking
  • LIC Interest Upload Facility
  • Annuity Purchase Report
  • Role / Rights
  • Reminders
  • Import Bulk Transactions

Gratuity Management

  • Data for Actuary Valuation
  • Custom Formula for Gratuity Payment
  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • Investment Management
  • Gratuity, Company & IT Act


  • Bank Receipt/Payment
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Contra
  • Journal
  • Ledger Report
  • Voucher Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Revenue Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash-flow


  • Monthly Contribution
  • Loan Application / Payment / Adhoc Recovery
  • Settlement Application / Payment / Covering Letter
  • Transfer In Application / Receipt / Covering Letter
  • Transfer Out Application / Payment / Ann-k / Covering Letter
  • International Worker Check Points
  • Member’s PF Statement

Investment Management

  • Investment Evaluation / Purchase
  • Mutual Fund / Equity Purchase
  • Government/Statutory Investment Patterns
  • Interest Accrued
  • Investment Yield
  • Interest Summary
  • Investment Amortization
  • Investment Register
  • Investment Summary
  • Mutual Fund / Equity Management

Employee Self Service

  • PF Balance
  • PF Statement
  • Loan Eligibility & Application
  • Settlement Application
  • PF Nominee Details
  • PF Yearly Passbook
  • PF Letters
  • Gratuity Calculation Sheet
  • Pension Calculation Sheet
  • Loan & Transfer In History

Pension Trust Management

  • Provision for setting up Pension Trusts
  • Configurable Pension Trust rules
  • Maintenance of Trustee rules and details
  • Support for Deferred Pensioners
  • Configurable investment categories
  • Provision for defining Statutory investment pattern
  • Provision for defining commutation, withdrawal, settlement rules
  • Insurance related masters
  • Pensioner details and Pension Nominee details
  • Annuity related masters
  • Vesting rules
  • Commutation
  • Pension Settlement
  • Pension processing
  • Purchase of Annuity
  • Receipt of Annuity
  • Pension Fund Annual Contribution
  • Pension through LIC/Insurance company

Mobile Application

  • PF Balance
  • PF Statement
  • Superannuation Balance
  • Superannuation Statement
  • Unexempted PF Balance / Check EPFO Balance
  • Gratuity Calculation
  • Loan Eligibility & Application

Retirement Management (IRBMS)

  • It automates and facilitates the processes involved in the administration of Retirement Benefits Schemes.
  • Comprehensive benefits administration system designed to support a wide range of pension schemes in all their variety and complexity.
  • A single window for administration for multiple schemes.
  • Caters to both defined benefit, defined contribution schemes and Hybrid Schemes
  • Caters to global pension scheme management to spanning across various geographies UK/ Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East and Indian Sub continents
  • Maintain exhaustive member’s data.
  • In-built benefit processes/ workflows catering to various types of exits.
  • Investment Management and Tracking module track the Investments comprehensively.
  • Powerful decision support system for comprehensive analytics
retirement management systems
Pension administration system software

Simplify Retirement Benefits Management with Infotrack’s Comprehensive Solution

Infotrack offers a dedicated suite for streamlined retirement and benefits management – the Infotrack Retirement Benefits Management System.

Effortless Pension Administration:

Pension administration software system: Our software facilitates the smooth administration of all retirement benefits, including superannuation, gratuity, accounting, and provident funds.

Employee Self-Service: Employees can view their PF balance, update yearly passbooks, and access handy tools like pension and gratuity calculation sheets – all within the pension management software in UAE.

Comprehensive Retirement Management System: Manage pension disbursement and administration efficiently for all employee levels with Infotrack’s pension administration solution.

Unified Pension Scheme Management: Manage various pension schemes in a single platform, catering to needs across different regions. 

Predictive Analytics Tools: Empower business owners with intelligent analytics to make informed decisions about retirement benefits.

Investment Management and Tracking: Track investments comprehensively using the dedicated module.

Streamline Your Retirement Management and contact Infotrack today and discover how our retirement management software can simplify your company’s pension administration.

Retirement Management Features

Member and Nominee Details
DB, DC and Hybrid schemes Management
Investment Management
Pension Management
Interest calculation
Benefits Calculation & Management
In-built workflows & reminders
DSS and Analytics

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