Capture spending from multiple sources

  • Eliminate the hassle of expense management for everyone
  • Enforce spending policies
  • Reimburse employees quickly
  • Managers can quickly review and approve expense reports.

Expense Management Features

Configurable Expense Heads
  • Travel
  • Medical LTC / LTA
  • Medical Claim Process
  • Bills for Exemption
  • LTA(Leave Travel Assistance)
  • Driver Salary
  • Staff Welfare Expense
  • Telephone Reimbursement
  • Car Maintenance
Open ended Integration

Achieve better visibility, control over expenses in the organization by with systems by integrating with other systems.

  • Create up-to-date reports
  • Improve policy and regulation compliance
  • Eliminating manual tasks lead to less errors and less reporting delays.
Workflows and process automation
  • Automation of expense reimbursements
  • Flexible workflows with supporting uploads
  • Smooth and easy expense approvals
Expense eligibility tracking
  • Flexible Expense eligibility tracking based on Grade/Band, designation and other dimensions of the particular employee.
  • Track employee expense data securely.
  • Simplify expense management with mobile tools
  • Give your employees the ability to submit, review, and approve expense reports on the go.
Dashboards and DSS

Our powerful dashboards give better visibility of the expenses, helps manage budgets, forecast accurately, and enforce policy compliance.

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