Efficient. Dynamic.
End-To-End. Grievance
Management System.

Streamline Grievance Handling Procedure in HRM and maintain an End-To-End Record of the Grievance Life Cycle – all in one place!

Key Features

Configurable & Flexible

The Highly Configurable System lets you Categorise Grievances into various types. This means that you can sort all grievances according to the seriousness and priority of the issue. You can also Define Categories for Grievance Types and other Grievance-related processes. This helps in sorting and categorising grievances based on Type, Priority, etc. Sorting and categorising also allow you to set reminders and alerts for certain categories and be more efficient with the redressal process.

Lifecycle Management

Life Cycle Management comes in when it becomes difficult to track the status of an ongoing grievance or when you want to look back at a previous case. You can View and Manage the entire Life Cycle of a Grievance in just one click. An End-to-End Solution to all Grievance-related Complications. View, Define and Manage the Type and Status of Action.

Alerts and Reminders

Never miss out on any status updates! At times, minor grievances slip out of the mind and then they come back as greater ones. Prevent this from happening and get Alerts and Reminders via Email at every step. Stay Updated with Every Single Grievance and its current status for Enhanced Efficiency.

Workflow Management

Workflow meets Grievance Management. Just like you stay updated with the workflow of employees, you can now see the entire flow of the Grievance. See what steps were taken, their turnaround times, and all the actions taken just with one click. The System will record every action directly from Email, Letters, Phone calls and Meetings. Get a detailed report for every Grievance, stored and managed in one place!

Electronic Protection

Secure all the Grievances by defining access roles to only the involved parties. The activities are encrypted so that no one can access and disturb the workflow. You can define roles for employees and team members to make the redressal even smoother. An extra layer of protection can be added for sensitive cases which lets you manage them discreetly. Such cases are only visible to those who need to be involved.

Dashboards & Analytics

View Grievance status directly on the interface and get all information related to it on powerful dashboards. Added analytical tools provide you with the ability to analyze huge chunks of information in simple stats. This helps you manage grievances better and make efficient decisions.

Choose efficiency in Grievance Management

Grievance Handling in HRM is often a tedious process and sometimes it becomes difficult to stay updated with every complaint logged. Employee Relations Management tools make it easier to stay close to your employees and help with Grievance Management in HRM.

Employee Relations Software helps you improve your relations with employees as well as the relations amongst employees themselves. But that’s not enough to manage Employee Grievances in HRM and reduce their frequency. This is where Employee Grievance Systems and Employee Grievance Management Software come in.
Grievance Management System in HRM refers to the handling and redressal of employee grievances. Employee Grievances must be addressed as soon as possible as they directly affect the Employee Turnover rates. Infotrack’s Grievance Management makes the entire process streamlined and efficient. From grievance reporting to incident management, an efficient system provides you with an end-to-end service.

Grievance Management Software has become an absolute necessity for an organization these days. Efficiency in the redressal process ensures great relations with the employees and hence an increase in productivity. The workplace becomes safer and more comfortable. When grievances are resolved quickly, employees tend to stay longer and give more effort. A great employee grievance software is an absolute necessity in today’s times.

Incident Management Software is an essential element of the employee relations process in HRM. Various incident management tools and incident reporting software are employed by corporations of varying sizes in order to improve employee relations and thus, employee satisfaction. An Incident management system, in India, is a necessity due to the sheer number of employees and professionals working in a company. Alongside an incident management tool, incident reporting software is also necessary because an incident can only managed after it is reported.

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