Payroll Features

Rule and Component-based payroll with Formula Editor
  • Salary calculations for pro-rata adjustments in salary structure, arrears, reimbursements and other payroll expenses
  • Rule-based Payroll processing
  • Define payroll structure for various categories of employees
  • Component-based payroll processing/Formula Generator
  • Weekly processing for seasonal employees Loans and Advances (Optional)
Powerful processing

Arrears Processing and Adjustments.

  • Unpaid Wages
  • Processing for Apprentices/Stipend
  • Define new Allowances / Retaining allowance
  • Next Rupee Adjustment, Carry Forward/Rounding off
Systematic employee exit management

Ensures smooth Separation and Full  Final Settlement

  • Health Club Reimbursement-Recovery
  • Notice Pay Recovery
  • Mobile Recovery
  • Car Recovery
  • Flat Deposit Recovery
  • Leave encashment
  • Notice Period
  • Loans recovery
Multiple levels of Pay Structure Inheritance
  • Pay Structures at various levels and categories
  • Create different pay structure within the same category.
  • Provision for catering to multiple union agreements (Optional)
Straight-forward statutory compliance
  • Steer your business clear of compliance penalties.
  • Generate Form 16 for employees to submit income tax returns.
  • Incorporate statutory components (PF,ESI,PT, Income tax) as per Indian law
Employee Self
  • Secured salary payslips, payroll related claims, reimbursement and tax computation worksheets with passwords.
  •  Access payslips online on web or mobile in a ready-to-download PDF format.
Audit trail reports

Follow what’s happening in your payroll department with detailed audit reports. From recent pay runs to updated employee records, you can review every transaction performed

Account for labour welfare fund

Process LWF automatically for employees. The system calculates and makes the right contributions across all the states.

Decision Support System – DSS
  • Powerful payroll reports for data-driven decision making
  • Visualize your organization’s payroll information with various dashboards
Benefits Management
  • Simplify and streamline your online benefits management for
  • LTA /LTC
  • Medical Reimbursements
Automated gratuity settlement

Acknowledge efforts of your long-serving staff. With automated gratuity calculation, let your parting employees reap their rewards immediately.

Access  Payslips ON the go
  • We have made payslips available on mobile now, to make life simpler
Open-ended Powerful integrations for smarter collaboration

Direct Integrations with attendance, Leaves and payroll software ensuring accuracy in salary payable(Optional)

Ensure accurate data transfer with a comprehensive payroll system implementation process

  • Voucher Generation
  • Bank Transfers
Loan management

Support your employees’ financial needs with loans and track them automatically until they’re repaid. Loan instalments are periodically deducted from your employees’ pay, and real-time notifications keep everyone in the loop. Various Loans Processing – Staff Loan, Foundation Loan, etc.  and Advances – Festival, Salary Advance, Vehicle Advances, Advance – expenses, Advance Travel, etc.

Payroll Sub Modules

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